Our scarves and stoles, made in Keene, New Hampshire, and St. Augustine, Florida, reflect diversity and harmony. Each one combines a perfect pair of distinct fabrics and patterns made for each other. The variety of lengths and widths allows for fluid styling, from dapper or dramatic to classic or creative.


I’ve been fascinated by scarves ever since I was five and my mother would get out her collection on a rainy day. She’d take out the whole drawer and put it on my grandmother’s spindle bed, and we’d spend hours admiring them, sorting them by color, fabric and shape. She’d tell me a story about how she came by each.

The first time I sewed, my friend’s mom had a gang of eight-year-olds over to make simple sheath dresses. I basted mine to the bedspread, and learned to be more aware of my surroundings, and how to start over if you have too. And I learned to love the freedom of choosing fabrics and making them come alive.

Out of that background, the idea for Langton’s Scarves came from a trip to Scotland, in a vintage store in Edinburgh. Among the treasures was a rack of British scarves popular in the 1960s that combined solid color wool with acetate foulard — traditional menswear prints. I loved the look, but didn’t buy one, because they weren’t quite right. They were hard to style and all kind of looked the same. I wanted something more…more fabrics, more patterns, more sizes and more diversity. The result is Langton’s Scarves.


Langton’s Scarves shakes up a classic look. We make our scarves long enough to style with ease, narrow enough for new looks and varied enough for weather from North to South. Fabric type and one-of-a kind prints compliment and contrast, and are diverse and fluid for gentlewomen or gentlemen. They are just dandy.

Our collections include fabrics from independent kimono makers in Japan; our Celtic Collection, which features wool tartans and tweeds from the British Isles; and new lighter looks for spring and summer.


Paisleys, plaids, dots, abstracts and small scale prints in dashing patterns.

Silk, linen, cotton, wool and rayon in sizes that style easily.

Our secret is in our sourcing. The vintage, recycled and “new old stock” fabrics for our scarves are found in St. Augustine, Florida, Keene, New Hampshire, and on our travels. All are hand-picked and most are one-of-a-kind. We buy only from locally owned stores. We are a tiny local shop supporting our fellow small business owners and non-profits.


Our sundries complement our scarves or stand on their own. You’ll find handmade neckerchiefs, bandanas, headbands, headscarves, chokers and pocket squares.

We also feature an ever-changing curated collection of vintage scarves, and tie clasps, tie tacks, scarf rings and scarf pendants, some combined with found objects.

All textiles have been pre-washed,
sun-dried & warm-ironed.
We use pure-castile vegan soap.

Beautiful scarf, I love it. Different and unique. Super fast shipping!


Add a Langton Scarf with a pair of jeans and you immediately look ten times cooler.


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